Machine can peel Garlic, Shallots, Big and small onions of different size and thickness. The method adopted in this machine is air blasting method, and the peeling process is controlled by sensor and automatic programmable logic control (PLC). More particularly, the peeler machine relates to a hygienic, Eco friendly and also it can peel Cashew and Roasted Peanuts.


Capacity 120 To 140 Kgs/hr
Power Requirement for Peeler machine Single Phase, 240V
Power Requirement for air supply 15 HP air compressor. (Reciprocative or Screw Air Compressor along with Refrigeration Air dryer)
Type of the machine SS – 304 Grade materials
Dimensions 24" B x 27" L x 50"H
Space Required

15 ft Breadth x 15 ft Length
(For Machine and Air compressor).