VIRGO GARLIC DRYER (Hot air blowing method)

Virgo Garlic dryer made for drying the garlic without losing its natural properties. Dryer is an enclosed chamber in which trays are placed on top of each other. Circulation of hot air helps the garlic to dry in set temperature without spoiling its nature and helps to serve better shelf life after peeling. Dryer Process controlled by a control panel.

This machine can be used for drying not only garlic but all the spices. This Drier machine is a boon for food processing industries.


Capacity – 90 to 100 kgs/hr.

Power Requirement – Single Phase, 240V.

Trays – SS 304 grade materials 16 nos

Make – External parts by MS CR sheets powder coated with heat proof system

Size of the dryer - 60" H x 39" B x 36" L.